The Innermost Shift parenting Mastery

Become a ZERO-CONFLICT mom,to your teenagers without breaking into a sweat or burning bridges, even if you are feeling overwhelmed right now with an easy to follow 3 STEP SECRET FORMULA

Let Bratati Dey show you how to make the Innermost Shift to purposeful parenting so that you can become a zero-conflict mom to your teenage kids without feeling overwhelmed.

Hey moms! Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and thought ___ I should have the ability to influence and motivate my teenagers better? 

✅Are you breaking into a sweat while trying to control your hormone rushed teenage kids? 

✅Are you burning the bridges while trying to do so?

✅Are you done with all the methods people have been suggesting to you to fix this pain?


parent and daughter conversation

☑️Then I have some good news for you.

I will help you become a CONFLICT-FREE MOM, without you having to lose your calm, even if you are feeling completely overwhelmed right now.With my tested “just 5 minutes practice” you will eradicate all conflict when children are trying to start up.


Hi, I am Bratati Dey – Professor and ICF accredited Innermost Shift Coach.


I have been a mom to two supercharged teenagers myself not so long ago. I had undergone an unprecedented amount of turmoil with them but now they have grown into resplendent, young adults shining in their own stratosphere. 

But it wasn’t like this even a few years back. I had to deal with heated arguments, bitter tears, shouting, banging doors, answering back and what have you.


At one point I was on the verge of giving it all up. And I actually walked out of the house one day and spent the entire day sitting in a cafe, pondering how I  could come out of this predicament. I realized that more than me, my children were being harmed terribly and I needed to fix this quick.


I started reading extensively,  attending meetings and seminars and seeking advice from my spiritual mentors. And after much research, I realized that the solution lay deep within my own self.


The INNERMOST SHIFT COACH TRAINING which I took, helped me get answers to all my questions and finally, I was able to join all the dots of the puzzle and string it all together. Whatever I gathered, I first tried it on myself. Then I tried it on some of my friends who were moms in distress like me. And we were surprised by the results we got. It actually calmed and relieved us of the BURNOUT FEELING. 


I realised that parenting teen was 99% about us MOMS & only 1% about them THE CHILDREN 


And all these years we were trying to spin the yarn the other way around and frustrating ourselves as well as the kids.


Anyway better late than never.

I formatted all that I learned in a singularly unique concept, (not available anywhere else,). I call it theFROM CHAOS TO CONNECT CONCEPT”.


Initially, this program was priced at INR 1999. But I reduced the price to help moms in real distress and priced it at INR 499. And now I have decided to give this for the first 50 PARTICIPANTS  for just INR 199  (very few spots left )


After the first 50 registrations, the price will again go back to INR 499. 

Here is what you will learn in 5 days

🟠 Day 1  A complete overview of the how and why of The Innermost Shift Pattern and why it is the only way to get lasting results in successful parenting of teenagers. 

🟠 Day 2  Wipeout any unpleasant memories of the PAST you may have had with your kids for good. And start your relationship from a clean slate point of view. 

🟠 Day 3  powerful Japanese technique that will take care of all your PRESENT predicament with your teens.

🟠 Day 4  Strengthen your bond with your kids and avoid any unpleasant situation to occur in the FUTURE. 

🟠 Day 5  The very powerful 5C formula true for all-powerful practices.

By the time you are done, you will have a clear step by step format to experience a seamlessly beautiful relationship with your teenage kids.


And just for participating in this class, you will get bonuses worth Rs 7000.

🎁Bonus 1 .A very intense ritual which you can apply on yourself or your kids and have lasting outcomes worth RS 5000

🎁Bonus 2. A very profound formula which I  use personally. You can use it for any relationship to get amazing results worth RS 2000.

🎁Bonus 3.A surprise bonus which will blow your mind away. PRICELESS 


Meet your coach Bratati Dey

Professor and ICF accredited Innermost Shift Coach.

Hi. I am Bratati Dey, mother of one girl and one boy, wife to an army officer, English professor, turned entrepreneur, turned lifestyle and personal development coach.

I help MOMS to become ZERO CONFLICT MOMS to their kids (especially teenagers), without breaking into a sweat or burning bridges, even if they are feeling overwhelmed right now..

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