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Frequently Asked

Who is it for?

If you breaking into a sweat while trying to control your hormone rushed teenage kids

What will I learn?

By the time you are done, you will have a clear step by step format to experience a seamlessly beautiful relationship with your teenage kids.

How will this change my parenting?

You’ll go from being reactive and endlessly searching for answers to intentional, resourceful, and lovingly authoritative. You’ll transform how you think about and communicate with your teens.

What are some tools you teach?
  • The Innermost Shift Pattern, 
  • wipeout any unpleasant memories of the PAST you may have had with your kids for good. And start your relationship from a clean slate point of view. 
  • A powerful Japanese technique that will take care of all your PRESENT predicament with your teens.
  • Strengthen your bond with your kids and avoid any unpleasant situation to occur in the FUTURE. 
  • The very powerful 5C formula true for all-powerful practices.

To name a few.

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